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Start the day with a happy feeling,

from the moment you wake up!

Welcome to Lightworx @ the meditation Lodge with Herbal Energetix.


Lightworx is a light worker meditation and healing therapy programme. If you find yourself reading this page you have been divinely guided here in search of help.

Awaken to life and your divine purpose, begin to feel a shift in your consciousness and see the beauty of our world for what it truly is. Understanding how to love unconditionally, giving gratitude for you what you have, giving thanks daily, seeing the positive in all aspects of your life, loving yourself, releasing resentment and fears, connecting with your soul, this is the journey of the Lightworx programme.

Our meditation lodge and crystal cave is a safe place, a haven to be taken on a journey. To carry you from the depths of darkness up into the light. Through meditation techniques, divine guidance and other modalities we will guide and provide tools to help assist in transforming you into a happy, positive, radiant being.  

On this journey you will begin with an introduction consultation following which a 6 week programme will be individually tailored to your individual needs. If a further programme is required after this time it can be discussed.

During this journey you will use meditation, law of attraction, relaxation techniques, crystal healing, sound therapy, aroma touch therapy, herbal energetix therapy treatments and seraphim healing. If it is felt you need other types of treatments you will be given advice and directed to see other health practitioners at The Willow Herbal Centre.

At the Willow herbal centre, the head quarters of herbal energetix we have 37 holistic therapists all under one roof. With this wealth of knowledge at our core centre we can provide you with the tools you need to move forward in your life.

It is a good time to embark on this course when you are at a stage where you feel life no longer has meaning and you are lost. It is a journey of self-discovery, you must be willing and ready to take responsibility for your own health and emotional issues.


Our life is manifested through our own core beliefs and thought patterns, when we can comprehend this we can make a shift into a new awareness and a new life can start.

Lightworx is also a positive platform for others lightowrkers to launch from. If you are interested in running your lightworker courses through lightworx at the Herbal Energetix headquarters please do get in contact.  

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