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FAQ about Herbal Energetix and sprays

Can I use the Giardia spray without buying the book?

If you are unfamiliar with the use of the sprays then it is advisable to buy the book so you are aware of other issues that can come with a Giardia infestation i.e. whether family members are at risk

How do I use the Giardia spray?

This information is contained in the book and should be read in conjunction with using the spray.

Do I use the spray directly on my skin?

It is not advisable to apply this directly on the skin but spray through a tissue at the base chakra.   This is a herbal essence and works energetically

Can I use this on my dog?

I have had good results reported to me.   Spray above the tail area through a tissue 2-3 puffs more for a big dog for a few days and observe the stool pattern

Can I use this for my three year old child?

This has had good results on children, details are in my book Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Giardia

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