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So have you got Parasites?


Giardia can interfere with your life and seriously reduce your quality of living for any period of time and even become a chronic debilitating problem. Once it enters your body it can reduce

you from being an outgoing happy go lucky person, full of confidence to an introverted being with insecurities and fears and basically becoming unrecognisable as the character you once were.


Within 24 hours the whole digestive system can be disrupted from being perfectly healthy and functioning normally to severe bloating, wind, nausea, with alternating diarrhoea and/or constipation. The energy levels can alter dramatically and after a short space of time the fears set in and stress levels rise as we try and get to grips with what is happening. The mind can alter and becomes forgetful and can't focus thoughts as before.


Headaches may be the norm whereas before these very rarely existed.


If diarrhoea is your main problem this can cause you extreme stress just trying to leave the house for work each day. Functioning in life becomes a nightmare and everything is twice as hard to cope with. The very existence in life becomes very difficult and you may hibernate as much as possible and disappear from the limelight as you try to cope, fail to thrive and seem frail and preoccupied. Not your usual strong healthy self as before.

Asthma, hayfever and other allergic conditions may suddenly appear with the digestive problems and these could be the major health factor, whereas the digestive issues are minor. However Giardia could be the root of the problem, destroy that and the other symptoms could very well disappear as quickly as they came.


Other Problems


Giardia likes the night and comes out to feed so the sleep may be disturbed. The skin may be affected with small spots appearing with the digestive disturbance and itching may be present, or a severe urticarial swelling covering parts of the face with blotchy skin and heat on the body.


Foods that normally were tolerated now become indigestible and are eliminated from the diet in the hope that this will solve the problem. This will give light relief and allow life to become manageable.


Basically, we are sharing our bodies with another microscopic visitor and en masse they can become extremely annoying.


Of course, there are many other parasites, viruses and bacteria which cause us problems but Giardia has been around for a long time and has often been completely misdiagnosed and totally overlooked as the cause behind many illnesses. 


Read my book Irritable Bowel Disease & Giardia to find a solution to these problems and get back your life.

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