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 Success Stories

Before I came to Susan, I was suffering from high blood pressure of 200/100. I was suffering from headaches, dizziness, irritability, episodes of anger, aches and pains in my shoulder and neck and generally felt unhappy.  

After a week of using Susan’s spray, I started feeling better but my blood pressure still did not decrease.

She started working on my heart chakra and I told her of this recurring dream where I was locked up and bed-ridden in an extremely big, empty place. Ever since I can remember, I hated being alone.

Susan felt it was a past life connection and with the use of the sprays, was able to reprogram my thoughts.

I have not had that dream again, or these feelings, and my blood pressure has now fallen to 177/90 in two weeks.

I am now at peace with myself and am confident that with Susan’s help my blood pressure will return to normal, without the need for Doctor’s medication. I am truly thankful for what Susan has done. She is absolutely amazing and mind blowing!



After 8 years of increasing discomfort and sluggishness, not to mention the inconvenience of having to be gluten free, a friend showed me an article from a local paper. This outlined how Susan Koten helped a patient with chronic IBS using herbal medicine. I contacted Susan who suggested that I probably had picked up a parasite whilst working overseas. I was aware that this could have been the case but had already tried my GP who had tested me for parasites to no avail. In desperation I duly made an appointment and visited the Willow Herbal Centre where Susan promptly diagnosed me as having the parasite Giardia lamblia. When she suggested that I would need only one weeks treatment with a spray, I was naturally sceptical, however, I tried to remain open-minded and was completely bowled over when after 7 days my digestive tract had calmed right down to the extent that I could actually enjoy foods and drinks that I had been strictly avoiding for 8 years – I have also been noticeably more clear-headed since Susan’s treatment. The improvements in my health and lifestyle have been dramatic to say the least – Susan you have my wholehearted thanks and I would recommend you to anyone!


After suffering many years with IBS symptoms and going to countless doctors and trying endless complementary therapies, I finally found what I believe to be the root cause - parasites. And it is with Susan Koten's help that I have been able to eradicate them and in the process rid myself of all IBS symptoms. I spent years seeing one specialist after another and none of them even hinted to me that parasites could be the cause. If you have been diagnosed with the catch-all IBS, I would strongly urge you to begin with a parasite cleanse, which using Susan's method is quick, easy and doesn't involve any change in diet. 

Since seeing Susan Koten and using her herbal parasite tincture I have eradicated my Giardia infection. I've had it twice, the first time it was pretty severe. I went to the doctors and both times they prescribed antibiotics that didn't work. I knew I needed to find another solution. I'm so glad I found another way of dealing with Giardia. Susan's method is natural, gentle on the body and works quickly.  


Age 22 I found myself with excruciating stomach problems, that would stop me being able to function during the day, causing me so much exhaustion that I would fall asleep for entire days. I was vomiting, I had diarrhoea and bloating that was so severe, I felt my stomach was going to burst. I went to the Hospital of Tropical Diseases as I had been travelling before, but nothing showed in the blood and stool tests. I was referred to a Gastric specialist who said I may be suffering from stomach migraines, I also saw a gastroenterologist who organised several examinations, MRI, Colonoscopy, Ultrasound and others, but nothing showed any clear reason for my symptoms. My mother was informed by a friend about Sue Koten, who was a herbal specialist for gastric complaints.


I went to see Sue and my life changed. Week by week seeing her, she used Kinesiology/ muscle testing and herbs, and she cleared many layers of my symptoms. She discovered that there were several bacteria, infections and parasites in my guts. These included pneumonia, giardia, staphylococcus, salmonella and candida. With each time I saw her, Sue identified something using muscle testing, then gave me a herbal mixture which cleared symptoms related to that thing. 

Following the initial series of treatments, whenever I experienced any symptoms again I would see Sue and she would identify and treat what ever I had. For unknown reasons I did, and still appear to experience some imbalances in my digestive system, from ulcers, to re-infection with giardia and sometimes food poisoning, other bacteria or salmonella. But over the last three years, if I experience symptoms at any point, on going to see Sue and taking her herbs I always return to balance. I have no idea how life would be with out Sue! Honestly!


I met Sue in 2010.  I'd moved into a shared house in London where one of the girls had a recurrent giardia infection.  I was unaware of her condition until I started having the same symptoms; feeling nauseous, belching, bloated, tired and run down.  My housemate said that she'd tried everything over the last couple of years, conventional medicine and alternative, but the symptoms kept returning.  Her mother had been passed Sue's details and so we both went along for an appointment.  Sue tested me using kinesiology and then prescribed some herbal tinctures.  After a couple of doses my symptoms relieved and within a few days I was back to normal.  Since then I return to Sue whenever I need treatment and relief follows.  I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis and Crohn's disease as a young adult and so I have the tendency towards stiffening and inflammation and digestive issues.  I have found that conventional medicine has served only to aggravate and complicate my issues (anti-inflammatories are not great long-term on the gut) and Sue's herbs for both issues have helped to support my system greatly.  I'm very aware of the difference when I've been abroad or let my supply dwindle for a few months when feeling better. I will soon start getting signs to get back on track again.  In my experience the herbs in spray-form work just as brilliantly as the original tinctures. 


I am very grateful for Sue's great trust in her instincts, leading her to walk down untrodden paths and the amazing support and healing this has meant for so many who have come to an end with what conventional healthcare can provide.


 This case study highlights how infestation of Giardia creates fatigue


“Having had blood tests return all-clear and no further interest from the doctors, Susan concluded from her examination that I had a parasite in my pancreas.  For approximately nine months I had been suffering from chronic fatigue, hot sweats, broken sleep, bloating and excessive skin rashes.  Generally I have a healthy diet, drink alcohol in moderation, do not smoke and exercise regularly and yet I could not beat the constant bouts of fatigue that were leaving me disinterested in life, emotional and very concerned about my health.  The fatigue would be worse after exercise and my gradual weight gain was getting me down, not to mention the lack of focus on my work.


Susan explained that the parasite GIARDIA was often overlooked by doctors and yet could be present in many individuals without them realising.  We discussed how I most likely contracted it from poor drinking water or close contact with a sick relative and how such a small thing could have such an effect on the human body.  Susan gave me three bottles of ‘magic potion’, one to assist with my kidney function, one to repair my pancreas and the large bottle Wormwood, was to kill the parasite.  She also advised to stay off Gluten for a while as my stomach was struggling to digest it.


When revisiting Susan just one week later I felt like a new person, even friends had commented on how well I looked.  The rash on the back of my neck and forearms had severely diminished, the hot sweats had gone and most importantly my energy levels had finally returned to normal.  For the first time in a long time I felt normal again!


Susan was confident the parasite was no longer in my system and no further treatment was needed. 


Three weeks on I still feel great, my skin is continuing to improve, I have increased my levels of exercise and am finally getting control of my weight.  As advised, I have continued to avoid Gluten in my diet and I no longer have instant bloating after eating a meal.  I continue to be amazed at how something (a parasite) so small and that I had never even heard of before could have caused me so many problems. 

I am very grateful that Susan and other like minded practitioners have the mindset to think outside the box and the in depth knowledge & enthusiasm to explore alternative methods.

Once again, thank you!”

Catherine A.

Before I came to Susan I was suffering from uncomfortable abdominal bloating, nausea, dizziness, low energy and a wide range of food intolerances. I was even told I could never eat gluten again. Upon seeing Susan, she knew straight away I had the parasite Giardia and candida.

Without even having to ingest any medication, after using Susan’s spray’s I was cleared within a week. I was better able to tolerate food that I thought I could possibly never eat again and my energy levels were back to how they used to be years ago. These results were something I thought unimaginable and better yet, all through the use of a spray.


For as long as I can remember I had had digestive problems, lately they had worsened, I couldn’t eat, sleep or think clearly. By chance I stumbled upon an article by Nikki Page, I was surprised to read that she had had exactly the same problems; it was as if I was reading my own story. She also described how she had been cured by Susan Koten, a herbalist. I immediately made an appointment with Susan Koten although I hardly had the energy to go. As Susan was treating me, I began to feel a little better, I was amazed. I was even more amazed when a week later I was full of energy, could eat whatever I liked, slept through the nights and felt thirty years younger. How is this possible I wondered. Well, this is possible, I realised later, because Susan Koten has developed very specific and highly effective treatments. Thank you Susan Koten, it changed my life.


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