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The Susan Koten Technique &

What happens in a treatment

muscle testing via Kinesiology

Muscle Testing

Kinesiology is a non-invasive holistic energy therapy. It combines energetic principles with modern muscle testing techniques.

Any issues within an energy system will eventually be reflected in the health of the body. 

Susan Koten uses these muscle testing techniques to gain an insight into the areas of imbalance and weakness within the body. 

Giardia Illustration


Susan Koten has made a lifetime study of this and other parasites and has written a book on the subject, available to buy here. 


During your consultation, she will test for this and other parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Susan will prescribe an appropriate treatment plan tailor made for you.

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

Susan Koten's method also involves balancing the Chakras. These are energy fields spiralling upwards from the base of the spine through to the top of the head. Any issues within this energy system will also manifest within the body.


Therefore, Chakra's need to be aligned and balanced for energy to flow correctly. Aura's circulating the fields of the body may also be damaged and need repair.

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique may be applied for problems related to the muscles and fascia. It is a non invasive therapy that re-aligns the body and releases stagnation and toxins.

Susan is a qualified Bowen Therapist, having studied with Bowtech; The Orignal Bowen Technique 

Susan Koten at book launch

Treatment Plan

After the consultation, a treatment plan is discussed, where Herbal Medicines, and/or Energetic Sprays are prescribed and dietary and lifestyle advice is given as relevant to your case. The medicines are charged as extra. For costs please refer to our clinic leaflet which you can download HERE.

Repeat prescriptions can be ordered online in the shop.

Herbal Energetix Sprays

Herbal Energetix Sprays

Susan Koten's exclusive formulations under the Herbal Energetix brand include Chakra balancing Sprays, Emotional Clearance Sprays, plus other formulas for parasites, bacteria and viruses. Some of these are available to buy from the online shop here.  Other formulations are prescription only and are available or repeat prescriptions once you are a registered patient.



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