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Book Launch Event

The Book Launch was held on the 28th July 2019 at

Greenwoods Hotel, Ingatestone, Essex, UK, to celebrate the arrival of Susan Koten’s new book

Susan Koten signing her book
Susan Koten signing her book

'Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Giardia' was written after 20 years  experience of treating patients and observing their struggle to overcome this condition. 
Susan says “I needed to get the message about Giardia and IBS across to a wider audience as there are so many sufferers of IBS and in my view Giardia needs to be considered in a high number of these cases." 


My treatment protocol can be very successful and in many cases it is but for this success to be achieved the patient needs to be aware of certain factors such as how to prevent re-occurrence and is gluten sensitivity a side effect of giardiasis."

This information and much more can be found in the book.

Susan Koten giving a talk on Giardia
Giving a talk on Giardia

Alice Francis came along who features in the book and spoke about how the treatment helped her type 1 Diabetes to stabilise as it had spiralled out of control on a trip abroad.

The book launch was a great success! Also a big thank you to all those who attended.

Alice Francis  after speaking at the event - read her full story in the book

Just listen to a recent testimonial!

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