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Herbal Energetix, takes a different approach to healthcare.

This is energy medicine for the mind, body and spirit. Susan Koten's  range of herbal and chakra sprays are an invaluable tool to support your body and may help facilitate your  optimum health.

Susan Koten &
Herbal Energetix

Everyone has an energy field surrounding the body and every organ, cell and each working part has an energy field around it. In times of illness, either physical or mental, defects occur and energy patterns change, get redirected and create weaknesses in this energy pattern.  


This, in time, will have a knock on affect to the physical part of the body. Through detailed observation of clients over many years Susan has come to the conclusion that by repairing this energetic field the physical can repair and return to normal.


With this in mind, Susan has created the Herbal Energetix formulations and treatment protocol. She has helped hundreds of people achieve and retain good health. If you are sick of being sick then why not find out how she can help you?

Susan Koten owner of Herbal Energetix and Willow Herbal Center

"Low energy manifests disease, creating blocks and stagnation within. Raising your energetic vibrations with my treatment protocol can assist you back to a balanced state of health"

Susan Koten - Herbal Energetix Founder

Irritable Bowel Syndome & Giardia Book



Read some of our Success Stories 


A friend of mine had a recurrent Giardia infection..then I started having the same symptoms. I was referred to Susan Koten, who has helped make me well .

Read her story here.


Before I came to Susan I was suffering from uncomfortable abdominal bloating, nausea, dizziness, low energy and a wide range food intolerances. I was even told I could never eat gluten again. Read his story here.


 I was suffering from high blood pressure of 200/100, headaches, dizziness, irritability, episodes of anger, aches and pains in my shoulder and neck and generally felt unhappy. Read her story here.

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