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Sacrum Chakra Spray


Sacral Chakra: Also called 2nd or Orange Chakra

  • Chakra color: Orange
  • Location: Lower abdomen, genitals, womb
  • Element: Water
  • Function: Desire, pleasure, sexuality, procreation, creativity, emotions, nurturance
  • Aspects it Controls: The Sacral Chakra is the seat of emotion. Associated with the color orange, the sacral chakra (taken from the Sanskrit word svadhisthana, meaning “dwelling place of the self”) governs our ability to initiate, nurture and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. Located in the lower abdomen, it is the hub of our creativity and guides us see beyond the mundane to embrace our dreams and desires. A balanced sacral chakra offers balance, grounding, and strength.
  • Reasons you’d want to clear the Sacral Chakra:
    • premenstrual syndrome
    • anemia
    • hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
    • lower back pain
    • joint problems
    • spleen and kidney issues
    • low energy
    • infertility


Sacrum Chakra Spray

  • The  Sacrum Chakra is related to letting go of the past, and is associated with desires, beginnings and endings. Pertains to taking back your power.


    A synergistic fusion of herbal essences expertly blended to clear and balance the Sacral Chakra.


    Instructions For Use:

    Shake bottle for 5 seconds near base chakra to raise the vibrational level. Spray 1-2 short burst onto the groin area. Avoid contact with eyes. External use only.

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