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Giardia is a very common microscopic parasite that can affect the general health of the recipient in a short space of time by interfering with the whole digestive system

This in turn gradually weakens the body and lowers the general immunity. The signs and symptoms of an infection are varied but diarrhoea and/or constipation, lethargy, bloating,

nausea, headaches, and iron deficient anaemia are but a few of these markers.

This makes us very vulnerable for other pathogens to invade the body and respiratory diseases are no exception

In my book entitled “Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Giardia” I mention that the key herb to treating this parasite is to use Artemesia annua, (Qing hao) (sweet wormwood) a Chinese herb, which in ancient times was used to treat fever, but it could be useful in the treatment of respiratory problems and has been used for centuries in the treatment of malaria which has shown few adverse reactions in toxicology studies in long term use.

Covid 19 patients were reported to have a very high iron content in their cells (1) Artemesia annua derivative, artemisinin, takes advantage of the fact that infected cells accumulate iron in large amounts which makes them grow. Artemesinin is sequestered in cells where iron is high in large amounts and this releases 2 oxygen molecules forming free radicals which kills the cell leaving normal cells intact.

Cancer cells also have a high dependency on iron for growth and accumulate large amounts of iron. Artemesia annua derivative, artemisinin, is also used in the treatment of all cancers (2) as these cancer cells also accumulate large amounts of iron and it has the affect of destroying cancer cells leaving normal cells untouched

An infection of Giardia can create iron deficient anaemia and by treating it with sweet wormwood, as described in “Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Giardia”, then the patients health can return back to normal.

Iron appears to be a very important element to consider in any inflammatory condition and looking at the way sweet wormwood is attracted to these sites of excessive iron and destroys them this herb is definitely one to review.

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